Launch surveys via e-Boks

If you want to send surveys via e-Boks, you have to contact us. Hereafter, you'll receive a contract from us that you need to fill out together with PostNord. After PostNord contacts us, we'll activate the e-Boks function in the system.

E-Boks surveys are distributed on the basis of CPR numbers, however, after launch, they're immediately deleted meaning reminders and auto-functions are not available. Nevertheless, you're responsible for deleting the contact group with the CPR numbers.

We recommend you have a test person in your contact group since e-Boks launches are either sent to the contact group as a whole or not sent at all.

Lastly, you're NOT able to share projects which are launched via e-Boks.

You'll find the e-Boks menu under the launch tab.

Step 1: Create a CSV file with CPR numbers

E-Boks surveys are distributed on the basis of CPR numbers, therefore these have to be included in your CSV file.

  1. Open Excel and insert the background variable names in the top row and the corresponding data underneath. There must always be four background variables: Firstname, LastnameEmailcpr, spelled exactly this way. If you do not have the information for the heading you still need to create the columns, however instead of leaving the rows empty insert a dash ( - ).


    When adding the CPR numbers, make sure to only insert numbers and no dashes

  2. When saving the document, save it as CSV (Comma delimited). If you're using a MAC, your CSV file needs to be saved in the Windows comma separated (.csv) format. 


Step 2: Create a contact group

  1. Start by creating a contact group. Click on contacts and a new window will open.
  2. Click on contact group, a new window will open and you will see the following:
    Name of contact group: name your contact group

    : Here you can select the different variables to be registered on the respondent, e.g. address, company, telephone, etc. In order to add information to the existing information of this contact group, click the add button.

    Existing information
    : Select the e-Boks option and the cpr variable will be added to the three predetermined variables: First Name, Last Name and E-mail. If you wish to delete a variable, select it and click the remove button. Since you're sending your survey via email, the cpr variable has to be included.

    Add information:
    Here you can add new variables by typing the name of the information (variable) in the text field. Then click the create new button to transfer the new variable to the existing information box.

    Tip: If you need to import a range of background information you do not have to create them in advance. The system will automatically find the data in your import file, which you can also choose to be imported.

  3. Click OK and the new contact group will be created and appear in the contact tree.



Step 3: Import respondents

  1. Click on the contact group you've just created.
  2. Click import.
  3. Click choose file, find your CSV file and click OK.
  4. Select the cpr variable on the left side and click add. If you don't do this, the CPR number will not be part of your respondents.
  5. Click OK. You will see a summary of the number of respondents imported, click exit summary.


Step 4: Edit your email invitation

  1. Click e-mail under the e-Boks menu and a new window will open with the following options:

    Edit e-mail: Edit your e-mail text and HTML
    Standard e-mail: Click to insert the standard text that Enalyzer has formulated. This can be good to use as a starting point.

    Default: This will restore the last saved text. If you pressed standard e-mail or if you've written a text and regret doing so, you can use the default button.

  2. When you're done making your changes, click OK.

Note: Remember to edit your email invitation before you launch your survey or your survey will NOT be launched.


Step 5: Launch your survey

  1. Click launch under the e-Boks menu and a new window will open.

    Launch name: Enter the name of your launch, e.g. e-Boks Survey 2017.

    Interview method: Ensure the method of participation is e-Boks.

    Security: Turn on the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption feature, here you are selecting a high-security encryption.

    Simplified mobile version: It is smart to select this feature, so respondents can access the survey from whatever device they prefer. When activated, the survey is optimized for performance, when deactivated it is optimized for better visual experience.

  2. Click forward to continue.
  3. Select your contact group and click OK.
  4. Your survey has now been distributed via e-Boks.
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