1.11. Word

It is possible to export your survey to Word. This means that you can get a paper version of the survey. The Word export function can be used to do a quick spelling check or can be used to hand out to respondents that do not have access to a computer.

To export your survey to Word, go to the Setup menu, under the Questionnaire tab and click on the Word button.

The system will start to export your survey to Word. When the export is finished, click on Download to open and save the document on your computer. You can also choose to save the questionnaire online to your online file system.

If you want to hand out the word version to your respondents, then perhaps it will be necessary to adjust the setup in word. This will only affect the word version.

If you have created the questionnaire in several languages, then you can export a word version of each language version. In this case you will be asked which language you want to export it in prior to download

Note: Design changes such as logo and images will not be included in the Word export.

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