1.8. Jump

The jump function enables the respondents to only answer relevant questions.

For example, some questions in the survey might not be relevant to female respondents. By adding a jump to the question you can ensure that all questions not relevant to female respondents are not shown to those who have answered female.

You can start adding jumps after creating your survey.

How to add a jump?

1. In the element tree, under the Questionnaire tab, select the question element you wish to add a jump to.

2. Go to the Setup menu, at the bottom, and click the Jump button. A new window will open.

3. Here you able to add the jump to the entire question or to a specific response option. Use the drop down menu to choose the question or text element the respondent has to "jump" to.

4. Click OK to add the chosen jumps in the survey.

Note: It is not possible to add jumps on specific response options on Multiple, Matrix, 3D matrix , numerical, open answer and text field questions. If you want to add a jump to these question types you can either add the jump to the entire question, or use the condition function instead. 

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