3.1. Languages

There are different settings for language in Enalyzer, depending on what you want:

System Language: Your own language settings in Enalyzer. You may choose between Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English.

Interview Language: The language that the respondent will receive the survey in.

System Language
A survey administrator can choose to use Enalyzer in either a Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or English language version. This influences all the menu buttons and help messages that you encounter in the system, which are controlled by the choice of language.

You choose the system language by clicking the tab My account, choose Settings, then select either Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or English as the System Language.

Interview Language
Your surveys can be conducted in any language you want.

In some cases it is necessary to take advantage of the translation module in Enalyzer.

In other cases it is not necessary. To create your own read more here.


To set up another language for your survey use the Languages under the Translation menu at the bottom. A new window will pop up.


Language: Here are all languages available

Language version: Here are the languages your survey will be available in.

Use the arrows to move the different languages from Language to Language versions

The Standard Language is used to display a questionnaire, if the respondents language id doesn't correspond to the language ids defined in the survey.

The Original language is the first language which you created the survey with. The original language is by default the system language you have selected under settings. The Original language must follow the wester european character set. If you need other languages you must create the survey with an original language and then translate it in the translation module.

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