1.10. Test & View

In order to experience your surveys like respondents would, Enalyzer provides two options:



By testing the survey you will be able to experience the survey's look and flow like the respondent would. All jumps and conditions (except hidden questions) will be active during the test-drive.

To test your survey, go to the Setup menu, under the Questionnaire tab, and click on the Test button.

Make sure to test both the PC and mobile version of the survey to check the functionality and design is the way you want.


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When viewing a question/text element, as opposed to testing it, you see the layout of the question in the perspective of the respondent. It must be noted that the jumps and conditions are not active when viewing a question and can only be tested by using the Test function.


How to use the view function

1. To view a question/text element, click on View next to the respective question/text element.

Mobile Version

When you create a survey, it's possible to view the survey in mobile view. This enables you to see how the different questions will look in the mobile version.

The view function will as a default show the survey in the PC version.

To see the survey in the mobile version then click on Mobile version.

Note: Merge fields and conditions do not work in the View function, also when using the mobile version.

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