2.3. Graphics

You can add a logo or background image to your survey to make it more customized and enable the respondents to see who the sender of the survey is.

It is possible to add two types of logos; one logo to the PC version and one to the mobile version.


How to add a logo/background image

1. Go to the Design menu, under the Questionnaire tab, and click the Graphics button. A new window will open up.

2. In this window you can add/remove a logo to PC version and Mobile version and additionally also add a background image to the PC version.
There is by default an empty logo inserted. To add your own logo, just click Remove to remove the standard logo. When you have removed the standard logo the Upload button will be activated, and you'll now be able to upload your own logo to the survey from you desktop or from the file system.

Note: When you have added your logo or background image to your questionnaire the files will automatically be saved in the file system. This means that next time you want to add the same logo you can find it in the online file system.

Note: Click on the Test button to see the survey layout.

Note: The pixel's height and width depends on your specific logo. Some guidelines for logos are 200x400 pixels for PC logo and 150x400 for Mobile logo.


Placement of logo

There are various options to change the placement of the logo. You can click on the Placement button. Here you can change if you want the logo to be in the center, the right side, or the left side.

If you want to change the top position of the logo you'll need to change the pixel height in the html template.


Follow the procedure below to edit the pixel height

1. Go to the Design menu, under the Questionnaire tab, and click on the Template button. A new window will open.

2. Choose Save and your file system will open.

3. Name your template and click OK.

4. Under the Design menu, click on the File System button and select your template. Then click the Download button to download the template to your computer (desktop).

5. Unzip the folder and open the file in Notepad.

6. Edit the size under Top-margin. If you add a smaller pixel size then the interval between the top and the logo will decrease.

7. When you have edited the size, you can save the file on your desktop.

8. Go to the File System again and upload the new file.

9. To add the new template to your survey, go to the Design menu and click on the Templates button. A new window will open.

10. Click the Get own button and select the new template you have uploaded to your file system. Click OK.

Note: Test your changes by using the Test button.

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