2.4. Colors

The Colors button allows you to edit all colors in your survey.


How to edit colors

1. Go to the Design menu, under the Questionnaire tab, and click on Colors button. A new window will open up.

Choose predefined color scheme: With Enalyzer you have eight predefined color themes at your disposal; black, grey, blue, green, purple, orange, brown, pink.

Background color: Page: The entire page's background color.

Background color: Questionnaire: The survey's background color including the width and length.

Background color: Questions: Background color of questions and text elements.

Background color: Focus element: Background color of the forward button and the chosen response option.

Font color: Heading: Question text and headlines on text elements.

Font color: Text: The text in a text element and the color of response options.

Font color: Focus element: Font color of the forward button and the chosen response options

Progress bar color: The color of the progress bar on top of the survey.

The Edit button opens a new window where you can choose the color you wish to use in a palette or put in the hexadecimal code for your colors. Click OK to continue.

2. After making your changes, click OK to save them and continue.

Use the Test button to see your changes.

Note: if you don’t have your colors in a hexadecimal code, but only in rgb (for example) it is possible to change this in a color converter, i.e. on the webpage: www.web.forret.com. The converter will translate your color code to hexadecimal.

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