5.5. Auto close

The Auto close function allows you to schedule when a specific launch should be closed instead of doing it manually.

How to activate the Auto close function?

Go to the Auto functions menu, under the Launch tab, and click on the Auto close button. A new window will open.

Choose the launch you wish to apply the autoclose function to. A new window will open.

Status: To turn on the function, set the status to Enabled.

There are three tabs, Scheduling, Notifications and Log.

Scheduling: Here you can specify the time the launch will close.

Notifications: Enter an e-mail address where notifications will be sent to, such as error occurring. You can type in multiple email addresses - just separate them with semicolons.

Note: If you tick off Send on failure only you will only receive a notification e-mail if the function fails to send out invitations.

Log: This is your log where you can follow the autoclose function.


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