1.2. Text Element

A text element can be used for different purposes. You can use a text element to create a welcome greeting or a conclusion in the survey. Therefore it is often the first item in the survey. It is also useful as a bridge between question themes e.g. explaining what the next series of questions will focus on. 


How to insert a text element

1. Go to the Setup menu, under the Questionnaire tab, and click on the Text button. A new window will open.

Heading: Here you can type the heading of your text. This text will be marked with bold or the formatting that you have specified for headlines.

Text: Here you can type your text, just keep in mind there is a maximum of 200 characters.

Insert as number...: Indicate which number the text element should be inserted as in the element tree. By default the system places the text item in the end, so it will be the following item in the survey.

Do not show heading: This allows for you to hide the header of the text. This function is mostly used for texts between two questions or where it needs to take up as little space as possible e.g. just a small comment in the same page as the questions.

Pagebreak after the text: This is a default setting. It is possible to remove the page break by removing the check mark. You hereby choose if you want more texts and questions on the same page. If you want the text element to be on the same page as the following question, remove the pagebreak from the text, not the question element.

Note: Do not copy/paste directly from another program. If the text is written in e.g. Word it is necessary to copy it to notepad and then copy from notepad and paste to the text element. Otherwise formats in Word can disturb the respondents' possibility of answering the survey. 

Final element of the survey: This allows you to make the text element the last item in the survey. This activates the link on survey completion text field.

Link on survey completion: Enter the address of your website or the website the survey has to link to when it is completed. All respondents will end on this page when they finish the survey. For example http://www.enalyzer.com. Enter http://www.enalyzer.com/close.htm, if you want the window to close after the respondent has complete the survey.

Save question in the library: To save this question in the library, press the Save in.. button.  We recommend to save questions in the library if they can be used in other surveys.

Add multimedia to the text: If you want to insert images in the text element click on Images. This will open a new window, where images can be uploaded to the question.

2. Click OK for the question to be set up in an element tree.



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