5.3. Autoremind

The Autoremind function allows to setup automatic reminders to respondents who haven't answered the survey yet. 

For example, you can, in advance, set up the autoremind function to send out reminders on Monday morning at 8:00 AM. 

Pro tip: We recommend you send two reminders; one halfway through the survey launch, and another a day or two before the closure of the survey launch.

Watch video tutorial: send automatic reminders

How to set up the autoremind function

1. Edit your reminder text before setting up the Auto remind function.

2. Go to the Auto functions menu, under the Launch tab, and select the Auto remind button. A new window will open.

3. In the drop down menu select the launch you will be setting the Auto remind function to. A new window will open.

First Reminder: Select Enable to activate the Autoremind function. Here you have two options

  1. Enter the time and date of the first reminder
  2. Set the reminder to be sent X amount of days after the launch.

Send Reminders to: Specify which response status respondents must have to receive the AutoReminder - Not Answered or Incomplete.

4. Click OK to finish.

5. Under auto functions, you should be able to see the enabled automatic reminders.

Note: The autoreminder does not work with full anonymity or link launch. 

IMPORTANT: Be aware that the autoreminder is connected to a specific launch. That means that if you later add additional respondents through a re-launch, these respondents will also receive the reminder, although they only just received the invitation.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Be aware that the autoreminder will only send to respondents that have received less than 2 reminders. Any respondents who have received 2 reminders (auto or manual) will not receive any more autoreminders. You are however free to manually send reminders to respondents who have received 2 (or more).

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