6.3. Pop-up

The Pop-up package allows to present the survey as a pop-up window that automatically opens up when a respondent enters a specific website. The respondent will then be able to accept or reject participation in the survey.

This can be used to do a survey of the organization's website.

The method requires the Pop-up package to be placed on the organization's web server by the organization's webmaster.

Edit the Pop-up Package

1. We recommend you create a link launch in order to use this package.

2. Go to Download packages menu, under the Launch tab, and click on the Pop-up button. A new window will open.

Here you can change some basic settings in your pop-up package, such as language and color.

3. Click the Download button and place the pop-up package on the web server.

It is possible to further customize the pop-up package such as the logo, IP address detection, country detection, etc. by clicking the Download button.

Basic settings in the pop-up package 

Launch: Here you choose which launch the Pop-up package refers to. The Pop-up package can only be used for link launches and therefore you need to have a link launch to be able to use the pop-up package. If you download the package without defining a launch you have to remember to add it later in the advanced settings. 

Pop-up method: Here you choose when the pop-up window should be displayed. There are three options for when the window is displayed. 

On Exit: When the respondent leaves the webpage the invitation to participate in the survey is shown in a pop-up window. This window is shown after the number of seconds is defined in the setting Delayed start (see below). If the respondent accepts to participate in the survey a clear tab will appear on the webpage in the right or left side. The respondent must activate this tab to access the survey when the respondent is ready.

On Entry: The pop-up invitation is shown when the respondent has been on the webpage, e.g. www.enalyzer.com for an X number of seconds.

On Click: With On Entry and On Exit a window is displayed with a logo, text, colors and buttons. By choosing On Click you can specify that the pop-up invitation is displayed when respondents click a tab located on the side of the browser.

Note: By On Exit it can be a good idea to explain in the pop-up invitation about the tab so the respondents know to remember to activate the tab before leaving the webpage.

Delayed start/On site entry, wait: This setting only applies for On Exit and On Entry pop-up methods. When the respondent enters the webpage, the pop-up invitation is displayed after the number of seconds defined here.

Note: The counter is set to count on a specific page, e.g. enalyzer.com. If the respondent then accesses a sub-page, e.g. http://www.enalyzer.com/customers the counter will start from zero again.

Note: The delay must be defined in seconds.

Language: The invitations to participation in the survey are generally always available in 4 languages: Danish, English, Swedish and Norwegian. It is possible to make other language versions, edit and/or delete the existing versions. When the invitation is shown, the language marked (Standard) is shown. The other languages are available to the respondent in a drop down menu. Alternatively, it is possible to use the advanced settings for country detection, which enables that the invitation is shown in the language the respondent's browser is set to. 

Language: The first language in the drop down menu is the standard language. The pop-up window will be shown with this language until the respondent chooses otherwise in the drop down menu.

Edit: This allows you to edit the text in the pop-up window. It is possible to edit the title, introduction text, question and the text in the buttons.

Delete: If all languages are present in the drop down menu, then they are all available to the respondent. If you only want the pop-up window in e.g. Danish you must delete the other languages.

Add language: When adding a language you must define the title, introduction text, question, the text in the buttons and define if it is to be the standard language.

Design: In design you can change the design of the pop-up window. 

Layout template: You can choose between two basic design templates. The templates can be adjusted by a web designer after the pop-up package is downloaded.

Brand color: Here you can change the color for the pop-up window. Next to # you can insert a color code (hex). The color covers the following; The headline, ”yes” – button, shadow around the window and the color in the invitations footer.

Width: Refers to the pop-up window’s width.

Height: Refers to the pop-up window’s height.

Design preview: Here you can see an example of how the pop-up window looks like with your chosen colors.

Notice: Remember that you must replace the demo-logo with your own after you have downloaded the package. The logo should be inserted in the template. Read more in the advanced settings.

Pop-up in: For all pop-up methods it is possible to choose whether the pop-up window should be displayed on the webpage or opened in a new browser window.

On Exit tab position: This setting only applies for the method On Exit and determines if the tab for activating the survey should be displayed in the left or right side of the webpage.


When you have made your changes press Download, then send the entire pop-up package to your webmaster/IT-department. They will now implement the package on your organization’s webpage.

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