4.1. Launch

Link launch is an alternative method to launch via e-mail. This method generates an address for the Enalyzer survey. This address may be used in a link on a website, intranet or similar. This method is used especially by site surveys and for entering data from paper-form surveys.

In a link-survey it is not possible to see personal information on the respondents, unless you work with transfer values. It is also possible for a respondent to make several replies in a link survey.

How to do a Link Launch?

Go to the Link launch menu, under the Launch tab, and select the Launch button. A new window will open.

Launch name: Enter the name of your launch, e.g. Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015.

Interview method: In the drop down menu select the Link option.

Time for e-mail distribution: This option is locked since this is a link launch and no e-mails will be sent. 

Security: Turn on the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption feature, here you are selecting a high security encryption.

Mobile version: It is smart to select this feature, so respondents can access the survey from whatever device they prefer.

Click Forward to continue. A new window will open



Method: Specify the maximum number of interview that can be completed before the survey closes.

Advanced options: This feature allows you to attach additional information to responses (background information, etc.). Transfer Values is an advanced feature that can only be used if Enalyzer exchanges data with other systems. Note that this feature is optional.

Click OK and a dialog box will appear with the message: You are now ready to launch the survey. Do you want to continue? 

Click OK to continue. The system creates a link to your survey, which appears in the table below the Launch tab. Anyone who clicks on this link, will now have the opportunity to participate in the survey.

You will find the link to the survey on the Launch overview. When distributing the link, remember to copy it from the overview, instead of copying the link from the browser's address line.

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