3.5. Launch

Launching via e-mail is the most widely used method. This method ensures that an e-mail with an invitation to participate in the survey is sent to all defined respondents. The alternative to this is launching via Link launch.

The benefits of an e-mail launch are that:

  • Respondents can only reply one time because they receive a unique username and password. This prevents the possibility of duplicates in the responses and manipulation of the study.
  • Respondents can receive reminders if they do not answer the survey.
  • It is possible to contact respondents that have given incomplete answers, so their responses can be completed.

How to do an E-mail Launch?

Go to the E-mail launch menu under the Launch tab and click on the Launch button. A new window will open.

Launch name: Enter the name of your launch, e.g. Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015.

Interview method: Here you specify the desired anonymity degree; No anonymity, partial anonymity or full anonymity. The drop down menu also includes the Link option, however this will activate a link launch instead.

Time for e-mail distribution: If you are not ready to send out e-mails yet, turn off the Distribute now feature. 

Security: Turn on the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption feature, here you are selecting a high security encryption.

Mobile version: It is smart to select this feature, so respondents can access the survey from whatever device they prefer.

Click Forward to continue. A new window will open.


Contact groups: Here you have to select which contact groups you wish to invite to participate in the survey.

E-mail Invitation: If you do not have already done this, you can edit your e-mail invitation text here.

Click OK to continue and an information box will open. Here you are informed that you are ready to launch your survey and that it will be launched to x-number of contacts. Click Yes to continue and a new window will open.


This is the final step in the launch process and it will allow you to finally approve or change the email invitation containing the individual respondent. This is done by clicking View/Edit under the sub-menu Content.

The launch can be interrupted by pressing the button Abort launch.

It is also possible to launch without sending e-mails. This is done by clicking Launch without sending E-mails.

E-mails are sent by clicking the button Send Emails.

Note: If you just want to send a new e-mail containing invitations to some respondents, i.e. if you have forgotten them when enabling your launch, you should use a Relaunch. Relaunches are new launches which fall under a previous launch, and is included in the statistics.

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