2.1. Widgets and Shortcuts

In the Projects tab there are shortcuts to each tool of a project. In other words, if you want to go directly to the Questionnaire tool, after creating your survey and launching it, you can use a shortcut.

In front of each project's name there are three icons.


From left to right, Questionnaire tool, Launch tool, and Analysis tool.


Add widgets 

Under Dashboard it is possible to add widgets. Widgets work both as shortcuts and an easy way to get an overview of projects. 

The Support widget gives you shortcuts to get in touch with Enalyzer Support via phone, e-mail or access to our help center.  



The widget Search your projects lets you use the search function on the My Enalyzer site without having to go to the projects first. 


The Statistics widget provides a response statistic of a choosen project. This can be shown with a table or a pie chart. To change the settings and the project use the nut in the corner of the widget. You can add several of these to different projects to get a quick and easy overview. 



The widget My projects provides a shortcut to the last created projects. Here you can also use the shortcus previously described to go directly to e.g. Questionnaire. 

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