2.3.4. 1-1 report

The 1-1 report function allows you to see individual answers of your respondents.

How to download a 1-1 report?

1. Before you download a 1-1 report, you have to create a search on the respondents you wish to export a 1-1 report on. After doing so, click on the 1-1 report button under the Export menu

2. Choose a report name and if you want to add a table of contents to the report.

3. Choose what data you want included in the 1-1 reports, i.e. which background variables and questions you want to include in the report.

4. Select the format and language. You can choose between PDF format or Word format.

5. When you press Finish, the export will begin and there will be a dialog box from where you can Download your report(s).

6. Click on Download to open or save your report(s).


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