5.3. Template (Excel Report Template in Analysis)

The Template function allows you to create an Excel report template.

A report template helps you save time and it can be useful for big surveys that produce several reports for different departments in a company/organization.

How to create an Excel report template

1. Go to the Analysis tab and select the report you wish to create the template on.

2. Go to the Export menu and click on the Template button. A new window will open.

3. Press the Templates... button and a new window will open.

4. Select Standard report and press the Download button. A new window will open.

Note: If your report consist of various languages, a new window will open where you can select one of these languages.

5. Click the Download button to download the template to your computer. Click the Save online button to open the template online. 

How to see the XML attachments in Excel 2003

1. Open the report in Excel.

2. Press on Data.

3. Press on XML and XML- source.

4. XML attachments in the report will appear on the right side.

How to see the XML attachment in Excel 2007

1. Press the Developer tab and the Source button.

Tip: If the Developer tab is not available, click the Microsoft Office button and then click Excel-settings (in the bottom).
Select the area Show/view the Developer tab in the category Popular under Excel settings and click OK. 

2. Now, you can make changes in graphs, colors. etc. You can also add specific formulas and change the location of the graphs and tables.

Make sure the .xml sources stick to the rows/colums/graphs you wish to. If you delete an .xml attachment, the given text, numbers graph will remain constant (show on all your reports), which might be useful when adding logos, permanent introduction etc.

3. When you have made your changes in the template, save the template on your computer (or your desktop).

4. Back to Enalyzer, go to the Export menu, under the Analysis tab, and click on the Template button. A new window will open.

5. Click on Templates... and a new window will open.

6. Click on Upload... A new window will open.

Name: Name your template.

Choose template to upload: Browse for your template saved on your desktop.

7. Click OK to continue and your template will now appear under the Template window.


Export with template

Once you have uploaded the template you wish to use, you can export it by using the template button.

In the Excel report window, you can now choose your template under the Choose template... drop down menu. Click OK and you report will be exported with the changes you have made in your template.

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