1.3. Library

When you create a new question/text element, there is an option to save it in your library. You can save the question in different folders, which will make it easy to find at a later stage.

You can now specify which folder you want to save the question/text element in. All questions are by default saved in the folder My questions. You can fully customize your library by creating your own folders.

Note: You can easily edit, delete, move or change the different questions saved in your library. You will have the same functionality as if you were to recreate the question.


How to create new question from the library

Working with the questions/text elements in your library can save you some time in creating your survey. You can save generic introduction texts and other text elements that you know you are going to use frequently.

1. Go to the Setup menu, under the Questionnaire tab, and click on the Library button. A new window will open.


2. Select the question(s)/text element(s) you want to insert in your survey, by clicking on the elements on the right side.

3. Click OK to insert the question(s)/text element(s) in the survey.

Note: you can edit, delete, move and change the different questions, when you have inserted the questions. If your survey has been launched it will not be possible to delete and move the question.


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