6.1. Multi-design

With the Multi-design package you'll get all of the necessary files to create several designs on the same survey. This means that you can create one survey (project) and send it to different target groups and different designs for the different target groups.

An example of this could be a customer satisfaction survey where you want different logos to be shown depending on which product the customer has bought.

To download the Multi-design package, go to the Download packages menu, under the Launch tab, and click on the Multi-design button. A new window will open.

Click Download and the package will download and be saved as a .zip file on your computer. Extract the package and save the extracted files on your computer.


Multi-design package - Content

You can see that the Multi-design package contains some different folders and files.

Overall, the package contains an HTML page that has been built up in advance. This page is composed of a top and bottom, with the survey in the middle.

The Multi-design package makes it possible to change the top and bottom images.

Images: This folder contains different images, such as logo files.

Languages: This folder contains four languages; Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English.

Scripts: This folder contains 2 Java Script files. You'll need to send these files to your webmaster.

default: By clicking on this file you'll be able to see how the standard background looks like.


Different designs

If you wish to create different designs on your survey then follow the steps below.

1. First download, extract and save the package as mentioned above.

2. To use different backgrounds (top and bottom) you need to copy the HTML file default. It's necessary to have one default file for each design, i.e. 2 different logos = 2 default files.

3. Save your images in the folder Images (e.g. as logo 1 and logo 2).

4. Open the HTML file default in Notepad by right clicking and choosing Open with... You'll see the references to the files in the Images folder in the HTML file default. You'll need to change these references to the images you have saved in the Images folder.

5. The lines (references) you'll need to change are the following two:

background-image: url("Images/Background-top.png");

background-image: url("Images/Background-bottom.png")

You need to change the name of the file, e.g. to background-image: url("Images/logo1.png").

Notice: Remember that you need to change the references for each default.htm file.

6. Send the entire package with all files and folders to your webmaster/IT department. It's your Webmaster/IT department who needs to implement the multi-design package on your own website.


Before the survey is launched

To ensure that the respondents are directed to the right design, you need to control this in the target group file. This is done by adding a column called URL_ADDRESS in your target group file. 

You'll need to get the different URL addresses from your webmaster.

The final step is to add the following to your e-mail invitation:


It's important that you remember to delete the merge field [SURVEY_LINK] and add the line stated above instead.

The new link (with merge fields) will merge in the information from the column URL_ADDRESS. In this way respondents with the value www.enalyzer.dk will be directed to the survey with logo 1 and respondents with www.enalyzer.com will be directed to the survey with logo 2.

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