4.1.1. QR Tags

QR tags are two-dimensional bar codes that when scanned with a smartphone or tablet will automatically direct the respondent to a specific predetermined destination.

One of the advantages of QR tags is that the respondents don’t need to type in the entire URL. Instead, all they have to do to access the survey is to scan the QR tag with a smartphone or tablet.

Different QR tags to the same launch

You can use different QR tags, for example, to register which platform the respondents answer from, e.g. one QR tag for Facebook and one for the webpage.

Another example is if you want to know which city the respondents have seen the survey in, you can again use the advanced settings to create different QR tags for different cities.

To use this function you need to add your transfer values when you launch your survey.

When you have done this you will be able to generate different QR tags. To see the QR tag or add values just click on the QR tag link next to Launch URL, as shown in the above image.

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