5.2. Open (Export Open Answers to Word)

The Open function allows you to export open answers that have been submitted in your survey. It is advisable to create a report consisting of only open answer elements.

Before exporting your open answers, you must create an open answers report.

How to create an open answer report

1. Go to the Analysis tab and create a new report. Name the report, e.g. open answers.

2. Click on the line where it says You can add your first table by clicking here!

3. Under Standard choices choose All open text questions.

4. Click Add on the Frequency side.

5. Click OK to add the elements to your report.

How to export open answers to Word

1. Go to the Export menu and click on the Word button. A new window will open.

2. If you have several language options, select the language you want to export your report to. Click OK and Enalyzer will start creating your report.

3. When the export is finished click on Download to export your report.

4. Your browser will now ask you whether you want to save or open your report. Open the report in Word and you will be able to see all the open answers.

5. Save the report/file on your computer.

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