5.5. Online - Share Report (Analysis)

The Online function allows you to publish reports online. The report’s layout will be the same one shown when the View function is used.

A report published online is accessible for other people through the company’s intranet, internet or other channels. Enalyzer provides you with a hyperlink to the report, which you can freely distribute to relevant parties. The report can eventually be protected with a password, if this is deemed relevant.

Creating an online report

1. Go to the Export menu, under the Analysis tab, and click on the Online button. A new window will open.

2. Select Published field and write the title of the report in the Publication title field.

3. Under Security, you can activate the password protected option, if you wish to have your online report password protected. Write the password needed to access the report from the link. The advanced settings allows you to additionally add security to your online reports, writing the IP adresses of the ones allowed to access the reports. Talk to your IT department about this.

4. When you have finished click OK and a generated link will be created and appear at the top of the report tree under the Analysis tab. This link can be distributed to the persons who need to be kept up to date with the survey’s development. Copy the link and put it on the webpage, your intranet, or distribute it to relevant persons through e-mail.

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