2.3. Completion Statistics

The completion statistics element can be added to your report. It shows a distribution of how many respondents have been invited to the survey and how many of these have answered or started the survey.

Here you can see an example on how completion statistics looks.

The element includes the following categories:

Not answered: Respondents that have not answered the survey. E-mail addresses with errors will also be counted in.

Refusals: Respondents that have submitted that they don't want to answer the survey. (This requires that you have included the [REFUSE_LINK] to your e-mail invitations).

Incomplete: Respondents that have answered some of the questions, but haven't answered the entire survey. This can be respondents that have clicked on the forward button one time, or respondents that have completed the survey, but haven't clicked on the End survey button.

Completed: Respondents that have completed the entire survey and have clicked on the End survey button.

Total: Number of the respondents invited to the survey.

The completion statistics provides you with both a percentage and a numerical overview on how the respondents are distributed on the categories above.

Note: Make sure that your data settings are set to all. Click on Project Options, at the top of the tree, click on Settings and a new window will open. Change Data Settings to All.



How to add a filter to completion statistics

It is possible to filter the completion statistics by using the filter function.

For example, if you want to filter the rest of your report, only to include the respondents with a Completed status then add a status filter to the rest of the report elements.

1. In the analysis tree, select the report elements you want to append the filter to.

2. Go to the Filter menu, under the Analysis tool, and click on the Append button. A new window will open.

Saved filters: Here you can choose between the stored filters.

Variables: In the first drop down menu (Choose variable ...) under you will find the variable Status and in the second drop down menu (Choose value ...) you can choose which value you want the report to be filtered on. You can choose between refusals, no reply, incomplete and completed.

3. Click OK to continue.

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