2.10. Versions

The Version function allows you to create alternative texts to the surveys variables. As default it will be the survey text that will be shown in the report. But by using text versions you can create an alternative text version and thereby you can present the content of the report differently.

It is advised to use text versions if the survey texts are too long or if you find some spelling errors after the survey is launched. Another example is that perhaps you want one text version for management and another text version for the employee report.

You can save several text versions. This is useful if you want to create an English and Danish version of these texts. Texts versions, under the Analysis tab will not affect the survey or the respondents answers. This is exclusively a function that enables to have different versions of the text in the reports created on the project.

The content of the text versions can be used in both Excel report and View report and publish report online.


How to add/edit text versions to a report

1. Go to the Setup menu, under the Analysis tab, and click on the Versions button. A new window will open.

Here you can create, edit and delete your text versions. The window functions like the translation window in the questionnaire tab. You can see the survey texts on the left side and add your own text version on the right side.

2. Click on Add new to add a text version. A new window will open. Name the new text version.

3. Click OK and change the texts you wish to.


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