2.11. Design

The Design function allows you to design your tables and graphics as you wish.


How to design my report

1. Go to the Setup menu, under the Analysis tab, and select the Design button. 


Here you can insert colors in the column by using either the color palette or color codes. Thereby the online report can be adjusted to your corporate identity colors, or just in some other colors that the standard design.


Use grading: Select this option if you want a graph with modulation.

Select grading type: This option becomes available if you have selected use grading. Here you can decide whether the graph should to be brighter or darker.

Color scale: Here you can choose the colors of your graphs.

Shorten long text: This option ensures that long texts are abbreviated. We advice you to use this function if your report(s) include graphs.

Edit graphic size: This option allows you to increase or decrease the size of your graphs.


Use as standard: The settings your have chosen above (under tables and graphics), will also be used in the graphs created subsequently.

Reset options: This will reset your settings and your graphs will be created based on Enalyzer's standard settings.

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