3.4. Create a User Defined Interview Language

The User-defined language function allows you to change the names on the buttons, help texts and error messages. It is possible to change all of the different system texts that the respondent is presented with.

User-defined languages are always created based on an existing interview language. This can be one of the system's languages or another user-defined language. Since the user-defined language is created based on an existing language this means that you don't have to translate all of the elements. Instead you only have to translate/change the elements you want to change.

Your user-defined languages can be used across different projects, but not on shared projects. If several users work on the same project, then it is only the user that has created the specific language that will be able to edit or delete the language.


Create user-defined language

1. Go to the Translation menu, under the Questionnaire tab, and click on the User-defined button. A new window will open.


Add...: Add a language.

Edit...: Edit a language.

Delete: Delete a language.

2. Click on Add to create a user defined language. A new window will open.


Name: Add the name of the new language.

Create based on: In the drop down menu you have to choose which language you want to use as the template for your new language. You can choose one of the system languages as a template or you can choose one of your previous user-defined languages.

3. Click Forward to continue. A new window will open.

4. On the left side you can see all the standard text and on the right side you can define your own text. You can see text on buttons, error messages etc. It might be necessary to scroll down to find the specific text that you want to change.

Add your change in the right side and click OK.

5. When you have clicked OK you will be asked if you can confirm the changes you have created. The window will close down and your user-defined language has been created and changed.


Note: All changes created in a user-defined language apply to all the surveys where the language is used.

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