4.1.2. Advanced settings - OPT values

Transfer values in link launch

Transfer values in link launches is an advanced function that can be used if Enalyzer has to exchange data with other systems.

This function makes it possible to register values concerning respondents that participate in a link launch automatically.

This is especially useful in surveys that are activated from systems where the respondent is already logged in. For example, if you want to add a userID from a web-portal where the respondent is already logged in.

Here is an example (not an active link):
Here the value UID32423 will be registered on the respondent.

It's also possible to send these values via a form in webpage’s html code. This can be necessary if there are many values and/or if these contain special signs.

Example of a form that can be added to a webpage's html code:

<form method=post action=http://survey.enalyzer.com/default.asp?pid=(project id here)>

                <input type=hidden name=optUserID value=UID32423>
                <input type=hidden name=optDepartmentNo value=DN344>
                <input type=hidden name=optFirstname value=Søren>
                <input type=hidden name=optLastname value=Jensen>
                <input type=hidden name=optEmail value=sj@enalyzer.com>


For the survey to work is necessary to "tell" the survey that it has to look for these values in the address, or in the data that is being sent to the first page of the survey. You have to set up the advanced settings in the setup of the link launch.

Use the following procedure to use the advanced settings in a link launch:

1. Go to the Link launch menu, under the Launch tab, and select the Launch button.

2. Name the Launch and click Forward to continue.

3. Click on Advanced... under Advanced options.

4. Add one or more variables by typing the name of the variable and use the button Add name. (Remember that each variables must start with "opt_") You can remove the variable again by clicking on Remove name.

5. You can choose to forward the values to the last page in the survey. This can be done either via the URL or by sending the values as hidden form fields. In an intranet system this can be used to register that a respondent/user has completed the survey.

6. Click OK to save and approve the settings.


Transfer values in raw data files and reports

If you want the respondent's data to be included in the raw data file or in the analysis then you can add hidden questions to the beginning of your survey.

By creating them as text field questions and giving them the same name as the Optnames, this information will be included in your raw data file. This allows you to see the respondent's values in the raw data file or create filtered reports or cross reports based on the value in the opt value.

Use the following procedure to create a hidden question:

1. Go to the Questionnaire tab and create a new question.

2. Change Insert as number... to number 1 to make sure that the hidden question is inserted as the first element in the survey.

3. Under Question Text add the opt (transfer values) name. This is the same name as you have created under link launch and advanced settings (see guide above).

4. When you have typed in the opt (transfer) value's name, choose question type Text field and click Forward.

5. In the next window leave validation as none and click OK to create the question.

6. When you have created the question, click on the question text and put a tick next to it to hide question.

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