3.3. Interview Languages

Activation of user defined language
When you have created a user-defined language (the user-defined button to the right), you also need to activate/connect this language to your survey.

It is possible to have several language versions on a survey. You need to choose an interview language for each language version.

Follow the procedure below to activate/connect a user defined language to a survey:

1. Go to the Translation menu, under the Questionnaire tab, and click on the Interview button.

2. Click on the drop down menu Interview language and scroll up to find your user defined language.

3. Click on the Show button if you want to see the different dialogues or button text.

4. Click OK when you have chosen your user defined language.


Note: Test your survey before you launch it. Go to the Design menu, under the Questionnaire tab, and click on the Elements buttons. Select Choose languages and click OK. Click on the Test button and test the different language versions.


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