The examination of the survey is administered under the tab Launch. This is where you choose who will participate in a survey (contacts), formulate the email invitation, launch the survey, send reminders and have a detailed statistic study of your launch (launch and completion statistics).

You can also stop a project and delete all data in the study if you want to start over. You can even list all the replies and export them to external use.

The Overview tab shows the launches that have been created on a project. Here you can see the launches name, number of respondents it includes, when it was launched, how long it has been active and the end date.
In this example, you can see that the launch 'Test Launch no 1' contains 8 respondents, it has been active since 11-05-2014 at 13:57 for 0 hours. Additionally, you can note that it is still open, as it does not have an end date.

Auto functions: Here you can see which auto functions you have enabled on your launches. If the icon is green it means that the auto function has been enabled, but has not been carried out yet. When the auto function has been carried out - i.e sent invitations, sent reminders, the icon turns grey.

Start: Date and time when the survey is launched.

End: Date and time when the launch is closed. If there is no date and time listed then the launch is still open.

Duration: The amount of time the launch has been active.

The sub-section Survey totals (All launches) shows the following information:

Total number of participants: Number of people who will be able to participate in the study.

No reply: Persons who haven't answered the survey. Incorrect e-mail addresses will also be counted under 'Not answered'.

Refusals: Persons who have declined to answer the survey.

Incomplete replies: Persons who have responded to some questions but haven't answered the whole survey.

Completed interview: Persons who have completed the entire survey.

The above mentioned points are broken down into percentages and numerical summaries.

The second sub-section Survey Details provides the following specifications:

Interview Method: Here you can see if you have created an e-mail launch or a link launch. If you have created an e-mail launch you'll be able to see which anonymity degree you have launched your survey with.

Contact Group(s): Here you can see which contact group you have launched your survey to.

Link: If you made a link launch then you can see the link to the survey here.


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