1.1. Question

The way to create a new question is the same regardless of question type. If you want to know more about question types, click here.

1. Go to the Setup menu, under the Questionnaire tab, and click the Question button. A new window will open.



Question Text: Write you question here. You may use a question from the library, if you have previously saved questions here.

Insert as a number...: The questions are numbered in chronological order by default. However, this option enables you to place them to you convenience.

Do not show the question text: This option enables you to choose not to show the question text. This means that the question's text will not be shown in the display, but only the response options will be shown.

No numbering if question: By default, each question is given a number shown to the respondents to illustrate how far they are in the questionnaire. If you choose to leave out these numbers, select the option by clicking on the check mark. This can be advantageous if you complete the questionnaire with contact information such as name, address, zip code and city.

Page break after the question: This is a default setting. It is possible to remove the page break by removing the check mark. You hereby choose that you want to have more questions on the same page or a combination of text boxes and questions.

The questions requires an answer: This is a default setting. Respondents will not be able to jump questions and it assures you no incomplete answers. However, it can be an advantage not to force a respondent to answer, e.g. an open-ended question, which the respondent does not necessarily have a relevant comment for.

Hide Question: This option allows you to hide a question. It can be useful for questions you are unsure of or unfinished questions. By choosing this option you hide the questions text and response alternatives from respondents. 

Hidden questions can be useful. Since it is possible to save background variables in the questionnaire phase, it is also possible to merge and insert conditions for the background variables. In the launch phase, data will be imported into the hidden questions.

Question typeHereafter select a question type. This affects the type of response alternatives the question will have.

Notice: If you have saved questions or text elements they can be accessed through the library. Click on the Library button. A new window will open. Choose the question(s) or text element(s) you want to insert, by ticking off the elements on the right side.

2. Click OK to insert the question(s) in the element tree.


Once the question is created you can edit/delete/move it.


Note: If your survey has been launched it will not be possible to delete and move questions/texts.

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