3.2. Translate

It is possible to create different language versions of your survey. This means that you can create a project with the survey in different languages. First of all you need to add which language versions you want your survey in.

The first step is to add the different languages. If you haven't done this then the Translate button will not be activated.

It is also advisable to create the entire survey in the original language before you start to translate it.

Note: Functions as Jumps and Dependencies only have to be setup in the original version.

Go to the Questionnaire tab, click on the Translation menu and click on Translate to add your survey translation(s).

A new window will open that contains the translation module.

Choose language version: Choose which language version you want to translate. In the right corner you can choose language version in the drop down menu under.

When you have chosen the language version, you will see a window. You are now ready to start with the translation process. In the left side you can see the original version (in the original language) and in the right side you need to add your translation.

There are three tabs in the translation module:

1. Questionnaire: In this tab you have to translate the entire survey, meaning all of your text elements and questions.

2. Invitation: If you want to launch your survey as e-mail launch we advise you to translate the Invitation. This is done under the tab Invitation. By translating the invitation you can make sure that respondents receive an invitation in their own language (the same language as the survey).

3. Reminder: Here you can translate the reminder. On an e-mail launch it is important that you remember to translate the reminder to all languages as well.

Remember to click OK each time you have added a translation. When you click OK the translation will be saved. Also remember to click OK before clicking on another tab, other language, etc.

Repeat the translation process for each of the languages you have added.

Note: If you forget to translate a language the respondents will be presented with QUESTIONTEXT MISSING and QUESTIONTEXT MISSING instead. The same applies if you just forget to translate one question or one response option. The system will warn you that your translation seems to be incomplete. This warning will be showed when you launch your survey.

If you want to test the different language versions you can add the Choose languages button under Design/Elements. Use the Test button to check your language versions.

Example; if you want your survey in both English and Danish you first have to add Danish as a language and then go to translation and translate. In the translate module you need to choose Danish under Choose language version and then you will see the entire survey with translation fields. Insert the English translation and click OK.



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