2.2. Elements

It is possible to add a number of buttons to the survey. You’ll find the buttons and elements under Elements in the Design menu at the bottom. Just mark the buttons you want to add to the survey.

Back: Enables the respondents to go back to a previous question in the survey.

Go to... : This button is a drop down menu that allows the respondents to go fast back to a question far back in the survey, without having to go back on each page.

Restart: This function allows the respondents to reset (delete) their answers and begin answering the survey again.

Pause: Allows the respondents to save their answers on the page they have reached, if they want to leave the screen before the screen has been fully answered. This button allows them to come back and finish the survey.
Note: When a respondent clicks the Next button in the survey the answers are also saved.

Help: Enables the respondents to receive either technical or logical help, if the respondents experience problems with answering the survey. The respondent has to fill out a contact form to send an e-mail to Enalyzer (if it's technical) or to the sender of the survey/owner of the license (if it’s logical e.g. with regards to the survey content).

Choose language: With this function the respondents can choose from different available language versions. If Choose language is disabled, it's important that it's indicated which respondents should have a certain language version. When doing an e-mail launch it can be done by including it as a background variable.

Print: Many respondents wish to print their answers after having filled out the survey. By adding the print button, the respondents will see an overview of their answers by the end of the survey. This overview will contain a print button for the respondents to use. The overview occurs before the survey is completed so this also provides the respondent with an extra option to change and correct any default answers.

Note: This requires that the back button has been added to the survey.

Note: Respondents must remember to press Print before finishing or closing the survey.

Progress bar: The progress bar indicates how far the respondent is in the survey(specified in percentage). This can be a user-friendly way to show the respondents how far they are in the survey.

Print after completion: This function is only possible to use, when making an e-mail launch. This enables the respondent to print his/her answers after having completed the survey. After having completed the survey the respondents have to go back to their invitation e-mail, where they can click on the link again. When they do this, they'll be forwarded to the survey's end page, where it says that the survey already has been completed, but in the bottom of this window there will a print button. By clicking on this they’ll be able to print their answers.
Note: If you use this function it’s a good idea to explain the method for the respondents in the invitation mail and/or in the last page of the survey.

Reopen questionnaire after completion: This function is only possible to use, when making an e-mail launch. With this button the respondents will be able to re-open their answers even though they have completed the survey, e.g. if they want to change their answers. To use this function they'll have to go back to the invitation mail, and click on the link again. When they have completed the survey and click on the link again they’ll be forwarded to a page where they’ll get the message that the survey has been completed. On this page at the bottom a Restart button has been added. When the respondents click on this button they will be directed to the first page of the survey and will be able to see their previous answers and edit them.

Note: It is a good idea to explain the chosen functions to the respondents for example in the invitation or an introduction text.

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