2.7. Templates

The Templates function gives you access to a variety of different predefined design templates, created by Enalyzer. It is also possible to create your own template, save it and use it in other projects.


How to use predefined templates

1. Go to the Design menu, under the Questionnaire tab and click on the Templates button. A new window will open.

2. Use the arrows to browse through the different templates.

3. When you have found a template that you want to use, click OK to continue. 

4. You are now able to see your survey with the selected template by clicking view.

Note: By clicking the button Design, it's possible to see the path to the chosen design template (under graphical elements). If you share a project containing graphical elements or containing a design template you’ll see the path to the user ID, where the graphical elements originate from.


It is possible to share a design template between different users, however it's important to remember that the images still has to remain public on the owner's account, since the design templates will link to the original location of the images.

To share a design template it is required that you first share a project with the design template on. If you share a project and you want to save the template to use on other projects, then go to Templates and choose save. This will save the current design template in your own file system and you'll be able to apply this template on all of your other projects. To use the saved template go to another project and choose Get own.

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