6.2. Login

The Login package allows you to create a customized login site and implement it on the organizations webpage afterwards. This means that the respondent will access the survey by going to this website, instead of going via http://survey.enalyzer.com/.

This enables the organization to be able to customize the link that the respondent receives, which means that a company could use www.company.com/survey instead of http://survey.enalyzer.com/. 

To download this package go to the Download packages menu, under the Launch tab, and click on the Login button. A new window will open.

Click Download and the package will download and be saved as a .zip file on your computer. Extract the package and save the extracted files on your computer.


Login package - Content

The package includes three folders; ImagesLanguages, Scripts, and an HTML file called LogOn.

If you don't want to make additional changes just send the package to your webmaster/IT department who has to implement the package on your website.


Merge log in information for respondents

When you implement the Login package to your organizations website it's possible to merge in the respondents "log in information" to generate the specific link for each respondent, just as it's done in the invitation mail, by using the merge field [SURVEY_LINK].

If you use the Login package, it's important to remember to delete the [SURVEY_LINK] merge field, and to add a code that will merge in the correct link.

There are two ways to do this.

Method 1

You can use your target group file to determine from which URL address the survey should start.

In your target group file you need to add a column called URL_ADDRESS. In the target group file you need to submit the URL ADDRESS for each respondent. When you have added the column in your target group file then you can add the following code to your e-mail invitation:


The information will then be merged into the e-mail invitation. When the project is launched the respondents will receive an e-mail invitation with a customized link.

Method 2

If you want to use the Login package to all of your projects, you can use the [MY_SURVEY_LINK] application.

To use [MY_SURVEY_LINK] just go to My Account and Settings. Here you can change the URL Address in [MY_SURVEY_LINK]. Then you only need to submit the merge code: [MY_SURVEY_LINK] to your e-mail invitation.

Note: To webmasters, if you wish to place the .js files a different place change the reference in the script to the html files. Here you need to change the reference to the library where the .js file is placed.

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