3.6. Relaunch

The Relaunch feature allows you to create a new launch that can be added to an existing launch and included in the statistics. This feature is useful if you would like to send new e-mail invitations, for example to respondents that you have forgotten in your launch.

Before you relaunch, you must decide whether you want to add the new respondents to the contact group you already have launched to, or if you want to create a new contact group.

Notice: If you have launched your survey with Full anonymity then a relaunch to the same contact group, will relaunch the survey to all respondents in the contact group. This means that you will send invitations to all respondents in the contact group, old and new. If you want to relaunch with full anonymity then create a new target group and relaunch to the new contact group.

The advantage of adding new respondents to the existing contact group, is that you have control over the group the next time you launch a survey to the same group.


How do you Relaunch a survey?

Go to the E-mail launch menu under the Launch tab and lick on the Relaunch button. A new window will open.

In the drop down menu, select the launch the responses should be included in. Click OK to continue and a new window will open.

Here, the Launch nameInterview method, Security and Mobile version  are locked. The only option that can unlocked is Time for e-mail distribution, which allows you to launch without sending out e-mails. Click Forward to continue.

Click create/edit to create a new contact group. The contact group(s) that have already received the first launch will be shown in bold.

Click OK to continue. Enalyzer will make a system check of your launch. If everything is as it should be, the launch is sent immediately. If not, the system makes you aware that e.g. you may need to translate the survey.

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