1.3. Copy Report (Analysis)

The Copy function allows you to copy a report. Be aware that all filters will be copied as well.


How to copy a report

1. Under the Analysis tool, select the report you wish to copy.

2. Go to the Report menu and click the Copy button. A new window will open.

Name: Enter the name of the report.

Settings: Determine whether your report will show tables and graphs with empty answers. By default the empty answers are shown but if you want to avoid this check the box.

Standard text version for reports: Set a standard language. This is particularly useful if you have created a project in different languages.

Management Text Version: View the report elements in a language you know. If you have chosen to report standard to appear in Chinese, it's nice that you can determine that the items in the drop down menus and the report tree to be displayed in English.

2. Click OK to add the new copied report.

Note: The copied reports will have the original report's name followed by (Copy).

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