1.6. View report (Analysis)

The View function allows you to view your report online after you have set up your report with one or more frequencies or cross elements, benchmarks or completion statistics.

When you click the button View all your tables and graphs will be listed, as you have specified them in the report summary.

Go to the Report menu, under the Analysis tool, and click the View button. A new window will open where you will be able to view the whole report. 

You can choose to display only one or more report elements by checking the box next to them in the tree. This means that only the selected report elements will be shown. If you do not mark any elements, all elements will be displayed.

Open answers will be shown in the report with a hyperlink. By clicking on the hyperlink a new window will open with a list of responses. You can now print or save them. Open answers can also be saved if downloaded in Word.

Notice: You can always see the data and time of when data was last updated.

To manually update, go to Refresh data.


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