3.3. Add Data


The Add data function allows you to add data to a user defined variable.


How to add data to a user defined variable

1. Go to the Variables menu, under the Analysis tab, and click on the Add data button. A new window will open.

2. Under Choose user defined variable, in the drop down menu, select the user defined variable you will adding data to, e.g. UDV (User Defined Variable): Department.

3. Under Choose response option, in the drop down menu, select the first response option of the user defined variable selected above, e.g. Department A.

4. Under Search Criteria - personal information insert the e-mail addresses or password on the respondents you wish to add to Department A. Remember to separate e-mail addresses and passwords with a line feed.

5. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the window. Then click yes to the message stating how many respondents fit the search criteria you asked for. Finally, you'll get a message about how many respondents you have added. 

6. Follow the same procedure for the other departments/response options.

Tip: If you have to add many respondents, then it can be an advantage to export a raw data file. In the file it's possible to sort the respondents, allowing you to copy/paste and add more respondents at the same time.

Note: If you have added wrong data to one or several response options you cannot delete it without deleting the whole variable and then creating it again from scratch.

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    But how is it done in the new rapporting system?

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