4.1. Append (Add Filter)

The Append function allows you to add filters.

Filters are used to sort and segment respondents in a report. You can filter a table/graph to up to 5 levels. Filters can either be user defined variables or questions.

Filters can be useful for different purposes. For example, if the HR department wants answers/reports based on responses from a specific department. Another example, create a report with responses from all of your customers, that are under the age of 15 and customers who have bought the product within the last 6 months.


How to add filters to a report

1. Create or open a report under the Analysis tab.

2. Go to the Filters menu and click on the Append button. A new window will open.

Saved filters: You can select, in the drop down menu, a stored filter to your report. If you haven't created a stored filter, continue to Variables.

Variables: In the first drop down menu, Choose variable ..., select the question or the user defined variable you wish to filter your report with. In the second drop down menu, Choose value ..., you have to choose the response option you wish to filter your report with.

3. To add your filter to the report click OK. A new window will open.

4. Click OK to continue.

5. The filter window will open again and you can add another filter. If you choose not to do so click Close. Your report will be updated.

Note: A little black arrow now appears next to the report elements. If you click on the arrow you'll see which filters has been added to your report.

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