2.2. Benchmark

A Benchmark report is used to compare average values, across different predefined values. This can be used to compare/benchmark across departments, year, countries or other background variables. For example, in an employee satisfaction survey you might want to compare the overall satisfaction in different departments.

All this can be generated by the system. First you need to create an advanced filter for each of your variable values. Perhaps you need to create a user-defined variable before you can create the advanced filters.


How to create a benckmark report

Go to the Setup menu, under the Analysis tab, and click on the Benchmark button. A new window will open.

Type: This will automatically be set to Benchmark.

Variables: Here you can see all your questions.

To create a benchmark report mark the variables (questions) you want to benchmark.

Click Add to add them to your report. In the example above, we wish to see the the overall satisfaction, we therefore choose this matrix and add it.

Assemble benchmark (from filters): Your advanced filters will be presented here.

Mark the filters you want to add, and click on the button Add to add them to your report.

In the example we search to see the three different departments, as well as the overall average for all of them, we add all departments, including the one called [All].

3. Show as...: In the drop down menu choose the presentation of your report. You can choose between Table, Graph and, Table and graph.

Click OK to create your benchmark report.

Now you can view or export your report to Excel.

Note: The filter [All] is a Total column. If you want to add the total average on the project, then mark and add the column [All]

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