Export to SPSS

SPSS users can export data in this format from Enalyzer.

How to export data to SPSS?

1. In order to export data to SPSS, you have to specify your search criteria for respondents in the Search/respondents page. After doing so, click on the Answers button under the Export menu and a new window will appear.


2. Choose SPSS in the drop down menu under Output format and click Save as...

3. The system will then start to generate your file. When the file has been generated, click Download and save the file on your computer.

4. You can now open the file in SPSS.

Note: It can be a good idea to remove the tick at "SPSS ADVANCED". Include open answers, if you have many answers and respondents.

Note: Most SPSS files are downloaded and saved in a zipped format and you have to unzip the file before you can open it in SPSS.

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