Create your Questionnaire

The Questionnaire tab includes all the tools needed to design your survey. The tab includes the following:




Element Tree

The questionnaire is set up in a tree structure. This gives a good overview over your survey, which is located in the middle of the screen. The tree is by default closed, you can only see the question formulation. However, you can open the tree by clicking the small plus sign to left of each item. This will also give you the possibility of seeing the response alternatives of the various questions.

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Setup Menu

Question - Create a question

Text - Create a text element

Library – Save and add questions

Copy - Copy the questions or text

Move – Move the questions or text around

Delete - Delete questions or text

Delete all - Delete all issues and texts

Jump - Forward the respondent to a certain question based on a given answer

Condition- Terms of showing an issue (Conditional question)

Test - Test and view questionnaire as it will look to your respondents

Word – Save a copy of your questionnaire in Word

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Design Menu

Design - Change max and minimum width of the questionnaire

Elements - Add/remove buttons and questionnaire elements

Graphics - Upload logo/background image to your questionnaire

Colors - Change colors on the questionnaire

Fonts - Change fonts on the questionnaire

Placement - Change the placement of the logo

Templates - Save/select a design template

File system - Upload a logo or a background image

Test - Test and view questionnaire as it will be presented to your respondents.

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Translation Menu

Languages - Select which language versions to present

Translate - Translate questionnaire, invitation and reminder

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