Launching your Survey

The Launch tab includes all the necessary tools to conduct your launch. The tab includes the following:



Overview Tab

The Overview tab shows the launches that have been created on a project. Here you can see the launches name, number of respondents it includes, when it was launched, how long it has been active and the end date.

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Email Launch Menu

Contacts: Add/edit contact groups that will receive the e-mail launch

E-Mail: Edit the e-mail text

Reminder: Edit the reminder text

Translate: Translate the e-mail invitations

Launch: Launch your survey via e-mail

Relaunch: Create a new launch and include it in the original launch

Close: Close a launch

Open: Open a launch after it has been closed

Delete: Delete your launch

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Link Launch Menu

Launch: Launch a survey

Close: Close a survey

Open: Open a launch after it has been closed

Delete: Delete a launch

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Auto Functions Menu

Auto launch: Create launches automatically

Auto Invitation: Postpone e-mail invitations

Auto remind: Set up automatic reminders

Auto response: Send automatically generated e-mails

Auto close: Schedule the automatic closure of a launch

Auto export: Send an automatically generated raw data file

Delete: Delete any and all scheduled tasks you have active

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Download Packages


Multi-design: Create several designs on the same survey

Login: Create a customized login site

Pop-up: Present your survey as a pop-up window

Easy Invite: Enable respondents to invite new respondets to your survey

Response Statistics: Create a link or HTML file with updated response statistics

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Search Menu

Search: Search for all the contacts you have launched your survey to

New Search: Create a new search of your respondents

Answers: See respondent's responses after making a search

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Management Menu

Invitation: Send out invitations to specific respondents

Reminder: Send out reminders to specific respondents

Autoremind: Set up an automatic reminder for specific respondents

Delete: Remove specific respondents

Reset: Set specific respondents' statuses to 'not reply'

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Export Menu

Respondents: Select specific data and advanced formats

Answers: Extract an excel raw data file

Autoexport: Set up an automatic export in specific intervals

1-1 report: Get a report of each respondent's survey

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