2.3.1. Respondents

You have the opportunity to export your project data to other systems, for example your personal system or contract system. It may also be a statistical tool such as Excel, SAS, or SPSS. It is common for these systems to import an Excel data file (comma-separated file). Therefore it is possible to export raw data from Enalyzer into these output formats.

Raw data files are useful if you, for example, want to make your own calculations in SPSS or Excel, or if you want to see each respondent’s individual answers.

How to create a raw data file?

1. In order to create a raw data file, you have to specify your search criteria for respondents in the Search/respondents page. After doing so, click on the Respondents button under the Management menu and a new window will appear.

2. Here you can choose which information you wish to see in the raw data for your respondents. Click OK to continue.

3. Here you can choose between five different output formats for your raw data file:

  • Microsoft Excel - Answers (Text)
  • Microsoft Excel - Raw data (numbers)
  • Semicolon separated file - Raw data (Numbers)
  • Semicolon separated file - Answers (Text)
  • SPSS

Answers (Text) provides an export that contains text from the response options.

Raw data (Numbers) provides an export that contains answers coded as numbers.

You can also choose to export your raw data file in SPSS format. The export of raw data can for example be used if you want to import the answers to a statistical tool. It is through this option that you can choose the advanced settings. Your output should be in unicode, ANSI or UTP-8 Format.

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