2.3.3. Autoexport

Under the Launch tab and the sub-tab Search/Respondents it is possible to activate the Autoexport function.

Autoexport is a function that you can set up to send you and/or a colleague an automatically generated raw data file with i.e. the latest answers. The Autoexport function can also be used if you want to see the date and time for your respondents' answers. The Autoexport function enables you to see the specific date where the respondent has completed the survey. Another option is to use the Autoexport function to send daily emails with the latest answers, this way you don't have to access Enalyzer to do a manual data export.

How does the autoexport function work?

1. Specify the search criteria for your respondents under the Search/respondents page. After doing so, click on the Autoexport button, under the Export menu, and a new window will open:

2. In the new window there are 6 tabs that you have to fill out to activate the Autoexport function.

Export Options: Here you need to set up which answers should be included in your autoexport. You can choose between Latest answers only, From specific date and All answer data. If you choose Latest answers only the export will only include data that has come in since the last autoexport.

Note: The autoexport will automatically include data from incomplete questionnaires. If you don't want to include data from incomplete questionnaires, then remove the tick from this box.

Data options: Here you can choose which data the autoexport should include. For example, you can choose to only receive data on a specific launch.
Tip: to include the date of your respondents' answers, tick off the box: Extended Respondent data.

Scheduling: Under the scheduling tab you'll need to set up how often you want the autoexport to run. You can choose between different schedules: once (specify date and time), daily, every weekday, once a week or monthly.

Export method: There are two different export methods to choose between: ftp and e-mail. If you choose e-mail, you'll receive an e-mail with a raw data file in .csv format.

Notifications: Under the notification tab you'll need to submit one or more e-mail addresses where notifications concerning the autoexport can be sent to, if i.e. the export fails.

Log: The last tab is a log where you can see which exports have been completed, if the export has failed, or similar problems that might occur.

3. Click OK to finish.

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