Here you can find information regarding your licenses.

When sharing a project you need to add the User license of the person(s) you are sharing the project with.

Account License

An account license provides the customer with the right to attach one or more users to the system. An account license further covers set-up and access to a space on Enalyzer’s servers. The customer has unlimited storage space in the license period for all the users.

User License

To access the system, the customer must purchase one or more user licenses. A user license is a unique and personal access to the system and can therefore only be used by one individual in the organization. Each user is assigned an individual user-ID and password that the user can use to access the system.

The customer can change the names of the users in the license in case of re-organization or replacement in the staff. Change of the login information can be made by the user of the account under Account information. The person in the organization who is designated as the Enalyzer Corporate administrator and can access user information through their own user account can also make these changes.

Users can access the system’s functions unlimited during the license period under consideration of the license conditions, which are described in the contract. This applies at all stages of the process; from creating the survey content, launching the survey, to doing the analysis and making reports of the results.

Here you can also see which user license you have access to. Here you can see your Account License, your User License and potential modules. You can also see other details concerning your license, for example the license period and your license number. If a colleague has bought access to hotline support you have the opportunity to share this access.

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