2.1. Design

The first button in the Design menu provides an overview of the different functions used for designing your survey.

Questionnaire minimum width (pixels): The minimum width states the minimum width that the questionnaire can be scaled down to.

Questionnaire maximum width (pixels): The maximum width states the maximum width that the questionnaire can be scaled up to. You can choose not to insert a maximum width, just leave the box empty.

Note: The ideal min. and max. settings can vary from questionnaire to questionnaire. Therefore we recommend that you test different min. and max. values.

Choose Color: Choose any color combinations you want in order to fully represent your brand identity.

Choose buttons and questionnaire elements: Some buttons are set by default, however if you need more, e.g. a progress bar, you can add them here.

Adjust placement of graphic elements: Choose the placement of your logo - left, right or center.

Upload or choose logo and background image: Uploaad your logo and/or background image.


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