3.4. Translate

E-mail invitations and reminder texts are set in Danish, English, Swedish and Norwegian by default. If you create your project with other language versions than these, then the system will automatically insert the English standard version in invitations and reminders.

If you want these e-mails (invitations and reminders) to be translated to other languages, you need to translate them yourself.

This requires that you have added one or more languages to your survey. Read more on language versions here.

To translate your e-mail invitations and reminders, go to the E-mail launch menu under the Launch tab and click the Translate button.

A new window will appear with three tabs, questionnaire, invitation and reminder. Click on either Invitation or Reminder to translate the text.

First, choose the language you want to translate in the drop down menu Choose language... The text in the original language version will appear on the left and on the right side you can insert the translation.

Insert or write the translation of the e-mail invitation/reminder text on the right side. Remember to translate the entire text including the Subject field. You can also change the sender e-mail and sender name.

Note: Remember to translate both versions, if you have chosen to create your invitation/reminder as both text and html. You can change between the two versions by clicking on either the text or the html tab.

Click OK when you have added/written the translation. The e-mail invitation/reminder has now been translated.

Note: Remember to apply all changes in the invitation/reminder to all the language versions on your survey.

Note: The creation of autoresponse e-mails are carried out a bit differently than described here. In the section on auto-responses you can read more on different language versions in the autoresponse manager.

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