Manage Reports

You can manage your reports in the report library. You are able to:



Open Reports

1. Click on the report you want to open.

2. Click Open and you will be directed to the report you selected.

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Copy Reports

1. Click on the report you want to copy and click Select.

2. Two new icons will appear at the top. Click on the  icon and a copy of your report will be added to your report list.

Note: The copied version of the report will have the same name as the original report followed by "(copy)".

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Delete Reports

1. Go to your Report Library and click on the report(s) you wish to delete and click on Select.

2. Two new icons will appear at the top. Click on the  icon and your report will be deleted.

Note: You cannot recover deleted reports.

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Rename Reports

1. Click on the report you want to rename.

2. Click Rename to edit the name of your report.

3. Type the new name of your report report name field and press enter to save.

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Share Reports

Watch tutorial on how to share online reports and charts

1. Click on the report you want to share.

2. Click Share.

3. Click OK to create a shared version of your report.

Link: This is the link to your online report. Use this link to share your report with your target audience.

Functions: You can choose to add a password to your online report, meaning only people with the password can access your online report once you've shared it with them.

Include the open answers in the shared report: Choose whether or not to include open answers in the report.

Status: Here you can Update changes, if any, to your shared report. You can also Unshare reports, so that it is no longer available to people you have previously shared the link with.

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