Analyze Your Results

The Analysis tool contains all the survey data that is analyzed and reported. Enalyzer offers comprehensive analysis with automatic generation of ready-to-present reports.

The Analysis tool contains all you need to design your survey. This includes the following:



Analysis Tree

The Analysis tool is set up in a tree structure. This gives a good overview of your reports, which are located in the middle of the screen.

The tree is by default closed, meaning you can only see tables and charts. However, you can open the tree by clicking the small plus sign to left of each item. This will also give you the possibility of seeing the filter(s) added to your tables and/or graphs.


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Report Menu

New: Create a new report

Edit: Edit a report

Copy: Copy a report

Delete: Delete a report

Refresh data: Refresh report data

View: View report

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Setup Menu

Cross: Create a cross and standard report

Benchmark: Create a benchmark report

Completion: Add a completion statistics report (response status)

Comment: Add comments to report elements

Statistics: Add/edit statistical settings

Copy: Copy report elements

Move: Move report elements

Delete: Delete report elements

Delete All: Delete all report elements

Versions: Add text versions to report elements

Design: Design tables and graphs

View: View the report online

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Variables Menu

Add: Create user defined variables

Edit: Edit values on background/user defined variables

Add data: Add data to user define variables

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Filters Menu

Append: Add filters

Replace: Replace an existing filter with another one

Library: Add advanced filters

Dynamic: Change filter values

Delete: Delete filters

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Export Menu

Standard (Excel): Export your report to Excel

Open: Export open answers

Template (Excel): Create an Excel report template

Template (PDF): Create advanced PDF report templates

Online: Publish reports online

XML: Make additional XML attachments

File System: Save reports/documents online

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