2.2.2. Reminder

The Reminder function, under the Management tab, allows you to send reminders manually. Reminders can be sent to respondents that have not answered the survey yet. 

We recommend you send two reminders; one halfway through the survey launch, and another a day or two before the closure of the survey launch.

Watch video tutorial: send reminders

Send reminders

1. Go to to the Search/respondents tab and set the criteria for your search.

2. Click the Search button, under the Search menu, and the system will show you the respondents that match your search criteria.

3. From the search criteria results, select the respondents you wish to send reminders to.

4. Go to the Management menu and click the the Reminder button. A pop-up window will appear.

4. Click OK to send the reminder to the selected respondents.

Note: Be sure that your reminder settings and text is set up correctly before sending out reminders.

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    Leyla Reches

    I have a question. If i set up the reminder mail in the reminder email launch tab and then complete the steps that are described above. Does enalyzer send my email to al the selected respondents or does it send an automatic email?

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